Avant-Garbage Music Festival

Avant-Garbage music festival is the festival that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The festival is perfect for hyperpop fans and clubkids that want a loud, colourful, and queer-friendly place to have fun and party. Be your truest, trashiest self and let loose. Each poster captures the chaotic, digital sound that all the artists share while the different collages capture their unique voices. Each poster features a mascot character to represent the individual artists.

Mockup of three posters.
Mockup of garbage can with colourful wrap featuring three pixel art characters with glow in the dark outlines.
Mockup of three iphone case designs with different collage backgrounds with a pixel art character in the center.
Mockup of lanyard with a VIP pass that has glow in the dark text.
Mockup of two wristbands.
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