Ghost Hunters Illustration

Amiria and Ena are two ghost-hunting best friends. While most 12 year olds are at the mall, these two explore haunted houses and spooky graveyards! Amiria is a science geek who wants to prove ghosts are real, while Ena is the town’s resident goth who loves all things occult. Together, they combine tech and magic to investigate the paranormal.

Two young girls named Amiria and Ena walk down a dark hallway of a haunted house while holding a laptop and flashlights. They are surrounded by ghosts coming out from picture frames, walls, and the floor. They don't seem to notice the ghosts.
Sketches for the character Amiria, a young black girl with a tight afro, cardigan sweater, and round glasses.
Sketches for the character Ena, a young girl with pale skin and long, straight hair, thick bangs, a large hoodie, spider web patterned skirt, and chunky boots.
Amiria and Ena sitting in a dusty attic filled with furniture. Amiria is excited on her laptop looking for evidence of ghosts while Ena notices a bat-like ghost crawl out of a painting on the wall.
Amiria and Ena having a picnic in the graveyard. Amiria is reading a thick book while Ena holds a skull and dagger and reciting Shakespeare.
A sketch of Amiria and Ena walking through a haunted hallway surrounded by ghosts.
Amiria and Ena are sitting at a table in the foyer of a haunted mansion. On the table is a large crystal ball that Ena is talking to while Amiria is at the same table on her laptop.
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