Schollar Banking App

Schollar banking app lets young adults manage their money today and develop financial literacy for a secure future. We guide users through their transitionary period from teenager to adult, student to worker, dreamer to doer. See the full case study here.

Schollar banking app header with an iphone mockup of the app's landing screen and a dark blue, black, and teal gradient background.
Four iphone mockups in a row of various screens in the schollar app.
An animation of an iphone mockup against a blue background and text flashing on screen saying user oriented and accessible colours.
The key ideas of the Schollar app; holistic, practical, and freeing.
Art direction for Schollar featuring a moodboard and a list of brand values/personality.
Iphone mockup of a screen from the Schollar app with arrows identifying the WCAG colour ratings used in the app.
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